Scheduled For Release 2018-03-10
0000093: [General] Text formatting
0000092: [General] Colours in dialogs (expl)
0000061: [General] Low FPS (0x452)
0000066: [General] Game can be started twice (0x452)
0000034: [General] Client crash with AddVehicleComponent (expl)
0000058: [General] CreatePickup crash client (0x452)
0000013: [General] Fix bug with double nicknames (0x452)
0000055: [General] format with cyryllic symbols gives wrong encoding (0x452)
0000057: [General] (C++ API) CreateVehicle crash client (0x452)
0000049: [General] IsPlayerInRaceCheckpoint and IsPlayerInCheckpoint (expl)
0000044: [General] strcmp function bug (expl)
0000043: [General] Wrong train's tracks (0x452)
0000005: [General] Player can teleport vehicle between worlds (expl)
0000024: [General] Add actors as scripting peds (0x452)
0000003: [General] Sniper rifle aim when entering hydra or hunter (expl)
0000039: [General] GameTexts client crash (expl)
0000038: [General] SpawnPlayer in vehicle (expl)
0000017: [General] Object streamer (0x452)
0000007: [General] Function for water level control (expl)
0000018: [General] Cyryllic support for dialogs and other miscs (0x452)
0000020: [General] Problems with trains (0x452)
0000022: [General] Fix map crash fix (0x452)
0000016: [General] Ped streamer (0x452)
0000008: [General] Option for vehicle's function to disable map icons (0x452)
0000014: [General] Add GetPlayerPoolSize and GetVehiclePoolSize for server (expl)
0000015: [General] SetVehicleParamsForPlayer bug (markers) (0x452)
0000002: [General] Server crash on double rcon command (expl)
0000053: [General] Rejected a connection (by bad nickname) when the player reconnects (0x452)
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Scheduled For Release 2018-03-10
0000006: [General] Undriven vehicles (0x452)
0000101: [General] Предложения для дизайна imgui
0000104: [General] Функция затемнения камеры
0000087: [General] Server configuration file (server.cfg)
0000026: [General] HTTP
0000004: [General] Support IPv6 (expl)
0000031: [General] Player shoting when he's AFK (expl)
0000062: [General] Add callback (expl)
0000001: [General] Player with parachute can damage vehicles without driver (expl)
0000009: [General] Animation for objects (expl)
0000094: [General] краш при выборе класса (expl)
0000027: [General] Add chat on ImGUI (0x452)
0000019: [General] Make chat on ImGUI (0x452)
0000036: [General] Add connect protocol (expl)
0000023: [General] Unique player serial (like SA:MP gcpi) (expl)
0000035: [General] Mouse server functions (0x452)
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Scheduled For Release 2018-03-11
0000116: [General] Player TextDraws
0000010: [General] SA-MP textdraw's functions (expl)
0000025: [General] Add autoupdater for server browser (0x452)
0000045: [General] language support with Dialog (0x452)
0000021: [General] Use of all keys (0x452)
0000041: [General] 3D Text labels (0x452)
0000029: [General] Speed functions (expl)
0000012: [General] Server modules and C++ API (0x452)
0000011: [General] Make PVar function (0x452)
0000042: [General] Selectable textdraws (0x452)
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