0000078: [General] Remove standard map icons (0x452)
0000086: [General] Modules API. (expl)
0000092: [General] Colours in dialogs (expl)
0000090: [General] Add a timestamp to the log. (expl)
0000081: [General] GetServerVarAsBool deprecated in SAMP. (expl)
0000080: [General] GetServerVarAsInt deprecated in SAMP. (expl)
0000027: [General] Add chat on ImGUI (0x452)
0000025: [General] Add autoupdater for server browser (0x452)
0000068: [General] Scatter of transport (expl)
0000036: [General] Add connect protocol (expl)
0000088: [General] echo in server.cfg. (?!) (expl)
0000030: [General] GetPlayerColor bug (expl)
0000070: [General] Add native SetPlayerChatBubble(playerid, text[], color, Float:drawdistance, expiretime); (expl)
0000069: [General] Update native CreatePickup (expl)
0000014: [General] Add GetPlayerPoolSize and GetVehiclePoolSize for server (expl)
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